Why Is My Business Named Semibold?

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This week alone I’ve been asked 4 times why I chose the name ‘Semibold’ when I started my web design business.

It’s a great question and it’s something I love to be asked. If you’ve ever pondered on the same thought, this blog will explain why.

Previously a graphic designer

I started off in the world of employment as a graphic designer after studying graphic design alongside business and psychology A-levels.

A big part of graphic design and website design is typography (the visual component of the written word). Within most typefaces, there are multiple fonts of different weights. For example, within the typeface Helvetica, there are multiple weights including light, regular, semibold, bold etc.

Typography was and still is a huge part of my work so it influenced my business name decision.

I made a long list

When it came to choosing a name for my business I wanted something punchy, simple, short, and of course I wanted the domain for it!

Next, I made a big list of words related to design and marketing. I then used the tool Namechk to see whether the social media handles and domains were taken for each name.

After finding nearly every option was unavailable for the handles and domains I needed I continued through the list when I arrived at Semibold, where I saw the semibold.co.uk domain was available. I almost sprained my wrist registering my domain at such intense speed!

It just looks and sounds cool

It’s simple really, I think the name Semibold looks and sounds cool, it’s fairly unique and that’s the reason my business is named Semibold. There’s no deep reason or philosophical back-story.

So, if you came looking for a deep underlying meaning to the name Semibold I‘m sorry to disappoint! 

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