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Remember when blogs first became a thing and everyone decided they needed their own personal platform to tell the world how they felt? It didn’t last long and soon we all released that perhaps not everyone needed their own blog. But then that went too far and soon the blog was overlooked and often left dangling off the end of a website, unloved and untouched for months or even years.

But things have changed. Yes, we know it can be a bit of a pain to take some time out of your busy day, week or even month to update the blog, but it really can be a powerful tool. Not only is a great way of letting your customers and clients know directly what you can do for them, but it’s also a very straightforward way of keeping the content on your site fresh. And you know who loves fresh content? Search engines. And they very often hold the key to how successful your site can be. So what you spend on your blog could mean you’re making your money back tenfold or more when it comes to helping your website get found.

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An interesting and informative blog adds fresh content to your site that will be picked up when the search engine bots scan the page. It can also be posted around social media, spreading the net wider and making your site more visible. All of which helps the effectiveness of your site.

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We appreciate that you might not have the time to create detailed blogs on a regular basis, but we are the people who can. And if you can create blogs that are SEO-friendly then they can be even more effective. Let’s discuss your blogging strategy and find out how your blog could be working a lot harder for you. We’ll work with you to create compelling content that won’t break the bank, boosting your site and helping it to stand out in a very crowded market place. With local Norfolk-related content and the right SEO, your blog could be a big part of your marketing strategy give impressive ROI.

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