Approaching a marketing agency in Norfolk can be daunting. There’s so many questions you could ask. That’s why we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions into our FAQs section.

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How can you afford to be cheaper than other marketing agencies in Norfolk?

You’ll have noticed our marketing services are fairly priced. More so than a lot of marketing agencies. The reason for this is that Semibold’s business model is designed to have very low overheads.

Firstly, the Semibold team is made up of freelance individuals who specialise in a certain area of marketing, be it social media advertising or SEO. This means Semibold doesn’t have a team of full-time employees to pay wages for each month. Each expert marketing freelancer works for Semibold when their expertise is required in a project.

Secondly, since we’re a team made up of freelancers we work remotely, meaning we don’t have office overheads to account for.

We’ve created a marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses who can’t afford the services of larger agencies, but still, want high-end service and serious results from their marketing.

We can afford to be cheaper because we’ve designed our business model to minimise overheads and provide a solution to businesses who can’t hire large, expensive marketing agencies.

What if you don't get my business results?

When working with Semibold you’ll meet Todd, the business owner who will provide you with his personal contact details for you to get in touch if you have any concern over your marketing campaign or service.

Todd and the Semibold team will not rest until you’re confident your campaign is heading in the direction to success.

Do you tie my business into long term contracts?

No. Our ongoing marketing services are on a monthly rolling basis. You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

If however, you’d prefer to sign up to join us over a 6, 9 or 12-month basis (for example) you’re welcome to do so; and it’ll even save you some money.

Will you be easy to get in contact with?

Yes. Our clients see us as an extension of their business – their bolt-on marketing department as such.

This means, we make ourselves available through telephone calls or emails ensuring you have what you need, when you need it and see the right results from your marketing.

How do you decide upon your precise prices?

Unlike a lot of marketing agencies, we don’t just stick a round figure on our services. We price our services to be transparent and fair.

With each service we provide we know the exact costs that go into providing that service. These costs include, software, plugins and subscriptions as well as the cost of each team members skills and time. We then assign the businesses’ profit margin.

We’ve personally not come across any other marketing agency employing this fair and transparent ‘open-book’ pricing strategy.

I’ve found a cheaper option. Why should I choose you?

We pride ourselves on being a lower cost, yet high-quality marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses. However, there’s always a cheaper option – we’re well aware of that.

First of all, we’d be happy to join you to go over any other quotes you have to ensure they’re like-for-like and help you make the best option for your business (we’re not biased, we’ve recommended businesses go with another marketing service providers before.)

Here’s why you should choose Semibold:

We have a team full of experts in individual topics of marketing (e.g. an SEO specialist) rather than a team of ‘marketers’. This means that you’re getting incredibly talented specialists working on each area of your marketing.

We have a wealth of case studies demonstrating the marketing solutions we’ve provided to many other Norfolk businesses and the excellent results they’ve seen from our services.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee which ensures that if at any time you’re unsettled we make ourselves available and work tirelessly to ensure your marketing campaign is heading in the right direction.

We’re incredibly transparent. We publish our marketing package prices and provide an in-depth breakdown as to how each service is priced. We don’t pick our prices out of the air, each service’s price is made up of the software, plugins, and subscriptions we use; as well as, the cost of each team member’s skills, time and, of course, the business’ profit margin.

Finally, consider why they’re a cheaper option. Do they offer guarantees? Do they have case studies to prove their results? Are they a ‘jack of all trades’? We’ll happily sit down with you to compare quotes to help you make the choice that best suits your business.

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