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We are PPC (pay-per-click) experts in Norfolk. We’ve worked on a range of PPC campaigns for travel agents, will writers and many more industries. This pay-per click-agency can get you more business quick.

The PPC agency in Norfolk

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a form of advertising where you pay each time a user clicks on one of your online adverts. If you’ve ever been browsing a website and noticed the adverts lining the side of the screen, then you’re probably already aware of PPC.

There are several main types of PPC, with the most common being the paid search ad. These are the adverts that appear when people look for things using online search engines like Google. For example, if a customer searches for something like a florist or fast food restaurant in your local area, this triggers PPC adverts. However, the business is only charged if someone clicks on the ad. Other forms of PPC include display advertising and remarketing.

How does PPC (pay-per-click) work?

In order to ensure your business advert appears on searches, it’s not possible simply to pay more. Adverts are subject to Ad Auctions, an automated process where Google determines the validity and relevance of the advert.

In order to ensure relevance, advertisers must bid on the terms they want to trigger their adverts, and these are known as keywords.

PPC management in Norfolk

The processes behind PPC are simple but managing a successful account is anything but. It can be hard to find the time or effort and acquire the skills necessary to keep up with the developments in the world of PPC, and these are happening all the time.

That’s why it can pay to have a specialist PPC marketer on your team to help you maximise your investment. You need tools to help you identify the most relevant keywords as well as analyse data from previous PPC campaigns. We can help you to maximise your PPC strategy and use the relevant data to ensure that your ROI for your PPC is good from the start.

We can advise you on which keywords are top performers, help you to avoid negative keywords, increase conversion and optimize your bids. All of which leaves you free to focus on your making your business a success.

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